Ask about our exciting BOYS and ADULT classes


Acro is a combination of dance and gymnastics. At WSD, students learn how to properly execute acro tricks and develop their gymnastic skills in a safe and supervised environment.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Ballet is used to improve strength, poise, balance and control. The technical skills gained through ballet is necessary for all other dance forms. Ballet is strongly recommended for all WSD students and is mandatory for all WSD competitive students.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high energy and fast paced dance class that is great for all ages. Hip hop is a popular urban culture of street dance that has been made famous by music videos. At WSD, students will be given age appropriate movements and all music is free of questionable lyrics.


Jazz is a fundamental dance form that compliments all other dance forms. An emphasis on turns and jumps encourages strong and proper body alignment.


Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz that interprets music, words and emotions while demonstarting balance, technique and control.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre aims to encourge a "triple threat" performer. Musical theatre combines dance movements with an emphasis on developing acting and stage skills. Facial expressions and body movements are used to portray different characters and story lines.


In tap class, students learn progressive and intricate tap steps and rhythmic combinations. WSD emphasizes technique and quality of sound.


A routine that does not embody a specific dance technique. This routine focuses on but is not limited to breath, contract and release, spiral, fall and recovery.